Monday, November 21, 2011

Learn to be Strong and Mature

Sometimes, I use :) to hide :(.
Sometimes, I use :D to hide :'(
I keep working, hang out, doing something to make myself busy, to fulfill my lonely time.
Everything I did just because I wanna try to forget you.
You just a pass, just a dream, the one I know become I knew.
Thanks for everyone who cheer me up. I learn to be STRONG AND MATURE.
No more hope for a wrong person, no more feeling, no more sadness and emotion when I think about him.
I shouldn't waste my time with the one who doesn't love me, I should spend my time with the one who care me more, love me more then I love them.
Don't worries, I am fine and I will find back my smile one day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Its October!Busy life to go!

Long time dint update my bloggie! And now I'm feeling complicated, everything come together in the month. My birthday, my graduation ceremony, my Golden Achievement Award in Han Chiang college, my event Red Bull Monkey Run and the last and also the most important, I met you in the same time! What I need is time and money. Last month I bang my car, not so serious, but I need to spend RM900 to do repair and car maintenance. I was so sad bcoz it make my dad burden getting heavy. Anyway, I need to pay him back when I get my salary. And you, my dear... What we need is tolerance, we are busy doing our own event,own job... But dont worries, everything will getting smooth. xoxo

Friday, August 5, 2011

A real friendship...

Sometimes, I will think about what is friends? How you mean by a friendship? People that besides you or people that care about you? Sometimes, I will think that I do not really have a true friend. Friends that can hang out with me, playing with me, they are so many. But friends that you really need when you are sad, you trying to talk secret with them, its few, few until I can count in few finger. I just feel that nothing is forever, life is reality, it will make people change. I do not blame anyone who already forget our friendship, I just realized a true friend not really need to stick together everyday or call up everyday. Real friends are not really always keep in touch, but when you meet them back, you wont feel they are strange, bcoz they are always remember you, concern with you :) Hi my friend, I am missing you every single day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Revision Week

This is revision week of my final sem. Next monday will be my first day of final exam, and it will be last day to back college for any college exam or function. Honestly, I not willing to my friend, my life in college, after graduate, it will be a big changes in my life. I need to use to another working environment, another peer, another life. I know that everyone are growing up. I still can remember that when I step into college on April, 2009. It still fresh in my mind, and now, everything was change. My best friend is not so close now, my lecturer is not that rude now, canteen food is not that cheap now. I become a senior from a junior. I am so curious why my ex senior would cry when they leaving college, now I understand what they feel. It is complicated, it is abit sweet and abit bitter. I had cry before, laugh before in here. I had rush my assignment at here, skip my class, or hang out with friend during break time, whatever I did here, I still remember. But now, it will be memory forever and ever. I t will not happen in future, I said that when can I graduate and work like the others, but now? I wish to stay here,  never mind. It will be a deep memory in my heart. What I need to do now is complete my last revision for my last exam in Han Chiang. :')

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TIME passing fast :(

OMG! I really stop my blog writing for few months! What I doing in this few months? Actually I just finish my final project, which named "Who Loves Me", that was a charity event that related to Shama Orphanage House and Penang government, I should feel happy with it? No. I am not really satisfied with my event, even though they tell me that my event was successful. I think that is my own problem,maybe I not really can communicate with my team member, especially my president, I know she really put a lots of effort in this event, but how? She do not have any experience, do not have any planning skill...As a media relation executive, I do learn many things from my partner Kimberley, she did well! That is true! She teach me many things about media management, how to communicate with media? how to invite them? how to keep good relationship between media with us? First at all, I wanna say thank you with you! Besides that, I have my friends that I know for 3 years, I know you all really do your best in this event. They are tina and joan. They are really good in planning, management and communication! what I can see from them are EQ and IQ. They try to done their job that given by my president even though they know that is unfair because of some crisis. They have responsibility with what they need to do, this time, is the first time I feeling proud with what I done. I had invite Kwong Wah as my media partner, Spotlite magazine sponsor, and Lau Han Jie performance sponsor. I know it is just a little favor but I really glad that I have many audience to attended my event bcoz of  Han Jie performance. Thanks to YB Mr.Phee Boon Poh, Ms. Jenny and my group members. Sometimes, we might have some argue or issue, maybe we lack of communication, but I hope that it do not bring bad impact for our friendship. I feeling so relax today bcoz I done my last presentation of Public Speaking, I am so happy that is not that worst as my imagination. Yeah! Finally I have passed the season of rush assignment, but at the other side, I am feeling blank now. I do not know what to do after graduate, maybe continue my study, but my family not really can afford my study fee, I think I will start to find a job and start my working life in the society. Time really passing fast. It feel like I just step in my college yesterday, when that day was April 2009. Well, I really enjoy my college life, I glad to know my all lecturers, friends and classmates that accompany with me everyday, maybe we are not going to meet in the future, but let me wish you all here, ALL THE BEST! xoxo 

Jeremy,Tina,Foong Yi me and Joan
Who Loves Me team members
my lovely friend tina and joan :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


好久没更新自己的部落格了,新的学期比我想相中还要忙,因为这是最后一个学期,我们必须完成一个final project...这次的组员是我从未合作过的朋友,Zhi Ee, Kimberly, Tina, Joan, Hooi Shien, Nicole, Sin Ting, Nick...除了雯雯,其他都是功课上的新伙伴。这个学期必须很认真,很多东西要办。毕竟,Kim的要求很高,所以很多时候我们的每一个细节都要求完美。在pr的final project里,每一次的会议,我们不知争论了多少次,就是为了把event做到最好。难免会有些压力,身为media contact,很多媒体需要联络,我常常打电话打到手软。为了这个event,可是牺牲了很多subject的assignment...很多功课来不及完成,还好这学期没有做工了,偶尔接一些roadshow或fair来做。虽然没有固定工作和收入,但自己的坏习惯还是不能改。乱花钱!这个坏习惯跟着我好久了,爱血拼真的是女人的天性,怎么改呢?是时候控制了...
越来越接近毕业的日子了,才发现自己很舍不得这里的同学,朋友,老师,有时候,很想时间过的慢一些,让我好好享受这仅有的学院生活吧... =(

Monday, April 4, 2011


终于熬过了三个月的实习,很开心!Manager给我的评语不错,supervisor也很疼我,大家都很舍不得我的离开,可惜,我发觉我对knowles一点留恋都没有...真的!我很不喜欢工厂的差事,每一天重复一样的东西...今天回到我的“母校”了,很兴奋,比起每天早上爬起来去工厂,我比较喜欢上课的感觉...遇到很多熟悉的脸孔,有的瘦了,有的胖了,有的头发短了,有的留长了,而我还是老样子。(至少大家都认得我,哈!)这么快就来到最后一个学期了,这么快就踏入20岁了,很怀念刚进入学院的青涩样子。大家都毫无心结,现在都各奔东西了。看到大家都找到各自的幸福了,很羡慕,心的另一边,是孤独。很替他们开心,大家都找到另一半,找到对的人,而我还在寻找的途中,对的人几时才会出现?不知道,交给缘分吧...今年很旺事业,认识到了很多做event和fair的人,大家一有工都会call我,现在脑里只想着赚钱,赚钱...实习后,就等于“失业”了。我需要更多的part time,把自己的时间填的满满,这样就不会在一个人的时候胡思乱想了。be positive!